Welcome to Lets Learn PHP Together

Thank you! For visiting my site. I Shah Mubashir Hussain will try to share a bit about my experiecence regarding development and how we can make it better. My posts will mostly be around Zend Framework and I will try to make you more familiar with the framework and will try to clear your mind in thinking that Zend Framework is hard.

ZF Tutorials

My Zend Framework tutorials will be focusing more towards the practicle usage of Zend Framework. I will not be teaching you get you started with Zend Framework straight away, rather I will be focusing on the implementation which are adopted by pros and cons plus some of the most downloaded modules developed by the developers.

WP Tutorials

My tutorials on wordpress will focus on plugins creation. I will try to be as specific as possible when creating a plugin. Plus I will be sharing some tips on how to make them better.

PHP Tutorials

As I'm a die hard fan of Zend Framework. I will be writting tutorials on how to make use of Zend Framework in your core PHP development and how can you benifit from it.