Shah Mubashir Hussain

Shah Mubashir Hussain


Hi my name is Shah Mubashir Hussain. I'm a PHP developer since Dec 15, 2008. It has been seven years and when I look back it amaze me that I've survied this long. When I started my web development career, I had a gap of 4 years in between, from my graduation. Which I did in BS(CS). This was a very challenging task for me. Thanks to two people namely, Afnan Zari Ghanvi and Absar Ansari, who helped me to get back on track and pushed me to try with a totally new begining. If they would not have helped me to get back on track, I would be counting inventory somewhere. Thank you Afnan and Absar for all your help. Because of you two, now I've my own personal blog up and ready to give shape to my carrer again.

Professional Experience

I've worked in 5 local companies in Pakistan, Sindh, Karachi. Namely:

  • Wiztech
  • Salsoft
  • Kalsoft
  • Amarald
  • Besthive Pakistan

Started my carrer from Wiztech and all the way down to Besthive Pakistan. In Wiztech, I worked on core PHP and Joomla. In Salsoft core PHP. In Kalsoft( again core PHP. Amerald Zend Framework 1. Besthive Pakistan Zend Framework 2, Magento, Expression Engine, core PHP and Wordpress.

Why Blogging?

The reason to blog is, to improve my writting skills and secnondly share little bit of knowledge I've regarding Zend Framework. I've approximate 2 years hands on experience in Zend Framework and in these 2 years, I've worked on only one project which was The experience I gained while developing the portal, the issues and all the dumb things I had to heard regarding Zend Framework. That Its hard and its redirect takes seven seconds, made me think to write about the framework. Also at the same time wanted to pull my hairs out. I then first thought how can I tell people that its a great framework. But at that time I couldn't as I was learning the framework myself and people were saying you've screwed us by choosing Zend Framework. That was the time, I first though to share what I've learnt with the people.

Now after two years, I've finally decided to write about the framework, to help people get to know the framework and by ALLAH(All merciful) blessings, I will clear people heads, regarding the framework, that it is hard. Zend Framework is not hard, rather its the best framework around in PHP World. The framework community is full of great people and the person behind Zend Framework revolution Evan Coury is a very nice person. He also helped me understand Zend Framework. Last but not the Matthew Weier O'Phinney also helped me in chaning my way of thinking regarding development, by his talk on Zend Framework which he gave way back in 2012, if I'm correct. In his talk, he said and I quote "Stop writting code like a code monkey and become a craftsman."